Austin Private Lender and Borrower Networking - August 2019

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  • 08/01/19 06:30PM - 09:00PM America/Chicago
  • Quest Trust Company office, 100 E Anderson Ln #100 Austin, Texas 78752
  • Free

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The purpose of this meetup is to promote financial relationships between private lenders and borrowers by networking and education. Anyone interested in Relationship Lending is welcome at this meetup. Whether you want to lend private money or borrow private money, or just learn about the process, please come build connections with others who share the same interest. Many of our members are interested in real estate, others have a variety of investments. Some of our group have self-directed IRAs, 401Ks or other trusts. Some simply have investment accounts. All share an interest in improving their financial lives through personal relationship lending or borrowing.

@Quest IRA, Inc - 100 E Anderson Ln #100 - Austin, Texas 78752 6:30pm

I have a question I bought a property at foreclosure the original borrower had a purchase money loan which he used to pay closing cost etc. The other loan was for 80 percent of his mortgage. My question is if both loans were closed on the same day. The one that I bought was the purchase money loan but I paid enough to wipe out both loans. Can anyone give me any insight on this scenario. Its driving me crazy and today is July 4th 2019 and all offices that can help are closed.

Topic for August: "How to ask for Money" - a borrower topic.

One of the hardest parts of being a private borrower is asking for money. For many of us, we have never learned how to ask. It is embarrassing. What if they say no? What if they steal my deal? What if they tell me my deal is no good? Is my deal good? Am I good enough? The best way past all these doubts is to be prepared, and to know what to say. Bill Crider has asked for money dozens of times, and been asked for money many dozens of times. He will share with you how to prepare, what to say, and how to get the money you need for your deals!