In the world of creative investing, houses and buildings tend to get all the attention, while many investors miss out on one of the most lucrative investing opportunities in the market today. Raw land can oftentimes be bought or controlled with as little as a few hundred dollars and flipped for quick profits -OR- used to create passive income without the frustrating tenants, endless repairs, and risk associated with traditional rental properties.

And don’t be fooled into thinking there is no “real” money in land deals. In fact, I coached one investor that gained control of a piece of waterfront property with NO CASH AT RISK, and he earned a ONE MILLION DOLLAR assignment fee! And would you believe it’s not the only time I’ve been involved in a 7-figure profit land deal where the seller didn’t even have to break ground?

At this month’s chapter meeting of the Professional Investors Guild, I’ll be laying out the full story of how these deals went down, as well as several other creative ways to make big profits with undeveloped lots and raw land. Some of the other topics to be covered include:

-How to Find Hungry Buyers for Your Land Deals
-How to Leverage Land for Huge Returns & Consistent Cash Flow
-When Speculation Makes Sense (& When it Doesn’t!)
-How to Build Homes on Vacant Lots with No Money Down
-& So Much More!

If you’re interested in discovering the massive profit potential that exists in this largely untapped and misunderstood market, then grab your smart phones and mark your calendars now! We’ll be in PANAMA CITY on Monday, July 15th at the Palms Conference Center, 9201 Front Beach Road.

ALL WORKSHOPS start promptly at 7 PM with networking and registration beginning at 6:30 PM.