Charlottesville VA Area Real Estate Investing Group

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  • 08/13/19 05:00PM - 07:00AM America/New_York
  • The group meets in The Point Restaurant in the lobby., 212 Ridge McIntire Rd Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
  • Free

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Charlottesville Area Real Estate Investors meets the 2nd Tuesday of EVERY month at The Point Restaurant in the lobby of the Omni Hotel Downtown Charlottesville. Sometimes we have a speaker but lately, we have just been engaging in general Real Estate Investing conversation.

Most folks grab a drink or food during the meeting and many folks stroll in at any point in the meeting. Please do not hesitate to show up at any time and make yourself at home at the meeting.

You can park in the Omni parking deck and ask for a voucher from your server. 

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