Wholesaling – The Rapid Cash Generator Master Class with Tom Zeeb

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  • 08/17/19 09:00AM - 05:00PM America/Chicago
  • Holiday Inn, 8787 Reeder Road Overland Park, Kansas 66214
  • Free

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Join Tom Zeeb at this event and you will learn these
5 frameworks for flipping houses…

1. Master Marketing:

2. Seal the Deal:

3. Know what the property is really worth:

4. How to Get the Numbers Right:

5. Use the Right Contracts:


Tom Zeeb — The Rapid Cash Generator

Tom Zeeb started from dead-broke and now uses Rapid Cash Generation Wholesaling to flip dozens of deals annually and live the lifestyle of his dreams: no 9-to-5 job, no debt, and unlimited time to spend with family, friends and traveling the world.

If you want to learn how you can do it too, then attend Tom’s 1-day “Wholesaling: The Rapid Cash Generator MasterClass”. Tom will break the process down into its simple components and repeatable frameworks so that you clearly understand the process and can replicate it yourself for massive profits.

Special Bonuses for Attending

  • Audio Training “Online Marketing for High-Profit Deals: How to Find Deals While Staying Home in your Pajamas.
  • Audio Training: “Packaging Your Deals for a Rehabber: The 9 Deadly Mistakes Wholesalers make to Tick a Rehabber off!.”
  • The Rapid Cash Generator Workbook: 41 Pages Detailing the Important Framworks (a $129 value!).

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Saturday, August 17th, 2019 – 9 am to 5 pm
Holiday Inn, 8787 Reeder Road, Overland Park, KS

Up To 8/14/2019Members: $29.00 — Non-Members: $49.00

Regular PriceMembers: $49.00 — Non-Members: $69.00

Many of us go to workshops & buy real estate training courses . . . and then what . . .we get distracted . . we do nothing. Our August guest, Tom Zeeb suggests we might want to dust off some of those courses, pull out those notes and implement some things. They do us no good on the shelf.


The number one activity for most real estate investors is Marketing - either do it yourself or pay to have it done . . . Tom Zeeb asks what you are doing to stand out from the crowd. Join us at the August 18th Workshop to find out how. 


"Wait a minute? Did that house have an upgraded 🔌🔌electric panel? Did it need a new 🔥🔥 furnace?" Do you walk through a house or several houses and then not remember what you saw 👀 when you get home? Our latest tips on inspecting a house to buy from Tom Zeeb will help you solve this problem:

By the way, Tom will be teaching at MAREI in August both at our Monthly Meeting and his one day workshop. Hope you can join us with all the other local real estate investors at MAREI to learn.


For Discussion: I have had people tell me that when I buy a house from someone below market that I am taking advantage of that person (usually because I am only buying from people that don't know any better). Yet, I just signed a contract last week with a seller who is a Medical Doctor. I have purchased houses from Attorneys and from estates being represented by attorneys. And time and again, these sellers thank me for helping them through a hard situation by purchasing their house and doing it quickly - heck I have even had one lady call me back and sell me a 2nd house a few years later.

So as investors do we help people or do we take advantage?


Remember: Wholesaler Wannabes who have no idea what they are doing, are quite often breaking the law, giving the industry a bad name, and then getting letters from real estate commission forcing them to hire an attorney.

So, as a reminder, let's keep Wholesales those legal - LEARN WHAT YOU ARE DONG Before the Real Estate Commission starts sending you letters and you have to hire an attorney. Taking & Implementing a real estate training course from Tom Zeeb​ is way cheaper than hiring an attorney to get you out of hot water.

Join us at Tom's 1 Day Wholesaling Class, Saturday, August 17th - details and $29 Registration at www.MAREI.org (