Rochester is a black city.

Therefore we believe that Rochester should be a black owned city. In this event, we will inspire aspiring investors to take action and build communities owned by people of color.

Enter #buybacktheroc...

At this event, you will learn how from seasoned investors on how they started their investing career and why. You will hear from local bankers on how to finance and grow your portfolio. You will hear from experienced Realtors on how to find and close investment property deals. And much much more!

Our amazing panel consists of:

Harold Bain of FIOP and OTSS Properties - Investor and Financial Coach

Matthew Perry of LMP Real Estate Partners - Owner of over 140 rental units in Rochester and Buffalo

Demetrius Washington-Ellison - Real Estate Investor currently flipping 5 properties and building a buy and hold real estate portolio.

Courtney Benson - Realtor with ULM Realty

Christopher Thomas - Real Estate Broker and Owner of New 2 U Homes

Rochelle Fields - Business Banker Relationship Manager at ESL

Malik Evans - Business and Consumer Prosperity Manager at ESL

Hosted by:

Matt Drouin and OakGrove Development