Our REAPS Main Meeting is held monthly on the fourth Thursday and is open to the public. This event is FREE for members and FREE for guests who have registered online or $25 at the door. Registration is required to attend. Doors open at 6:00pm for networking, meeting begins at 7:00pm. Tonight's Meeting is at the Bellevue Red Lion Hotel in the beautiful, newly renovated Ballroom!

If you have never attended one of our events, then just register online and use promo code "guest" to attend your first meeting for free. For everyone else, if you don't register online then please plan to pay $25 at the door when you arrive.

Expert Tables
Come Find All The Talent at REAPS

We did this meeting last August and it was a huge success, so let's do it again! This is a meeting of round tables where we highlight Business Members, our Vendors and our Members and their talents! We all have something we do exceptionally well in our RE business….something we are passionate about right now. What is your special talent? Come share it with our Members and let our Members know who you are! Here are some great topics that I know our community is eager to learn about and we've covered in the past. Where you can volunteer? What is the single thing you are doing right now that you want to teach others?

August 22nd Expert Tables Topics

Tracy Minick with Real Estate Gladiators - Best practices for managing tenants and properties RIGHT NOW!
Katherine Swanberg - REAPS Executive Director and owner Real Estate Gladiators - Using VA's and remote assistants to get stuff done off your plate!
Attorney Doug Owens - Recent amendments to Residential Landlord Tenant Act that went in to effect on July 28th
Stu & Tina Johnson - A discussion on purchasing 1st position notes on single family homes with Stoke Properties LLC
John Murphy with Pacific One Mortgage - Discusses optimum borrowing strategies – from your first home to the twentieth!
DLS-Fast-REI-Leads - How to choose: Unique, hard to find Leads versus Confirmed Leads?
Ava Campbell - Mobile Home Flipping
Matt McGuirk - Open Q&A for General Contractors
Gideon Sylvan - MLS Negotiation
Alex Heibert - Condo Flips/Rentals
Gena Horiatis with A Time To Profit - Your goals and resources define your entry investing technique; your passion defines your ultimate niche
Brian Richard- CIVIC- BRRRR Financing with Private Money

If you have a talent or a topic you want to share, please consider volunteering. We need about 15-20 speakers for this meeting to work and spots are filling up!

Your time commitment is 1.5 hours on August 22nd 7pm – 8:30pm. Your presentation should be around 15 minutes long and you should plan to do the presentation 4-6 times.

Please email Katherine with your name, your business names and a topic you want to discuss, teach and share! Stay tuned later in August for the complete list of topics and speakers.

What happens at a REAPS meeting? A lot! Doors open at 6:00pm in to our amazing networking room. Meet vendors and other members and see what kind of people join REAPS. Food is served and the company is great. Pose a question about real estate to any of our volunteers at the Genius Bar or attend our Orientation at 6:30pm where we cover all the reasons why REAPS is one of the best Professional Associations in the nation for real estate investors. At 7:00pm our make your way into the ballroom for our jam-packed main meeting with your host and President, Katherine Swanberg. Watch as members announce what they have and what they need during the “Haves and Wants” round. Learn about the current real estate market during our Market Update. Then, stick around to see our guest speaker. We look forward to having you as our guest.