In part 1 of “Wholesaling Real Estate (The RIGHT Way!)”, we discussed the LEGAL basis for wholesaling, and how to sell your equitable interest gained from a legally binding purchase and sale contract. If you missed us last meeting, don’t worry, we will do a quick review this month before we dive into the 2nd part of this series to discuss some of the finer details of effective wholesaling.

Wholesaling can be a fun & lucrative career, and I’ve had the privilege of helping investors make a LOT of money over the last 16 years. We’ve had numerous PIG members earn HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in a single year from this incredible no-money-down strategy, all while limiting their own risk or exposure to liability. However, big profits can also cause some investors to focus too much on the sales and marketing side of the business, and potentially neglect some of the important ethical and legal considerations in operating a business that will stand the test of time and potential scrutiny.

At this month’s chapter meeting of the Professional Investors Guild, we will go beyond just the legal questions about wholesaling and will dive deeper into some of the important ethical considerations to make sure you are representing yourself and the investor community in the best possible manner…all while making a ton of money and building a great future for you and your family!

Our final part of this series will cover a wide range of important topics, including marketing & advertising, contracts and documents, dealing with motivated sellers, as well as answering the following important questions…

-Can You Advertise (or List on MLS) a House You Don't Own?
-What is a Double Closing & When is it Needed?
-Can You Pay “Bird Dogs” Referral Fees for Finding Deals?
-Do You Need an LLC or Business License to Flip Houses?
-Are Bandit Signs Illegal? And SO MUCH MORE!

If you’d like to learn how to make money THE RIGHT WAY with real estate wholesaling, then this is a meeting you can’t afford to miss! We'll be in DESTIN/FWB on Tuesday, September 17th, at the Emerald Coast Convention Center.

All workshops start promptly at 7 PM, with registration and networking beginning at 6:30 PM.