Join us as we discuss Opportunity Zone Funds in depth!

The Job and Tax Act of 2017 created opportunity zones to incentivize long-term investments in lower income areas. Yet the IRS has only recently put out information as to the requirements and how the opportunity zones should be used.

Whether you are an active investor, a professional looking to invest passively in real estate, a tax expert or someone who has never heard of an opportunity zone, come see if you could benefit from this brand new legislation has the ability to transform massive areas of America.

We will discuss what an opportunity zone is, why it was created, what the requirements are to invest in them, and how, when added on top of principled investing, investing in opportunity zones can lead to phenomenal and real social impact!

Doors open at 5:30, we'll get started just after 6 pm. The discussion typically lasts an hour and then everyone is invited to continue the conversation and network at our table at Speakeasy.