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GAME CHANGER! How to NEGOTIATE with a Commercial RE Owner

Bobby Sharma
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  • San Francisco, CA
Posted Sep 19 2019, 20:43

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GAME CHANGER! How to NEGOTIATE with a Commercial RE Owner/Cash Flow with 4Plexes

Please read all the way through to the bottom, lots of great content.

I am thrilled to have two proven experts present at our event in October. I am also thrilled to call them both my friends. Cherif Medawar has built a portfolio of $100M in Commercial properties under management. What you will learn from him is a true GAME CHANGER. Steve Olson is the real deal has developed and sold thousands of “Fourplexes’ in cash flowing and landlord friendly cities.

Which "negotiation" tips are trending?

Join Cherif Medawar, Real Estate Hedge Fund Manager, Author, Educator & Investor for an exciting MEET UP and training. Learn How to Negotiate with Commercial Real Estate Sellers and begin applying Cherif's strategy to invest in Single Tenant deals.

Cherif will reveal his latest Seller Negotiation Strategies and review projected stats for the retail growth and reduction throughout the United States, specifically in hot California markets. If you are looking to lock in national tenants with letters of intent (LOIs) it's very helpful to know what companies are growing so that your search for property in those areas can get under way!

Step #1: Compile your list of national tenants and where the company want to expand.
Step #2: Find and analyze property for these companies and franchisers.
Step #3: NEGOTIATE! Get the deal under contract and get a signed LOI.
Step #4: Put the deal together and present it to Cherif and/or lenders.
Step #5: Earn big payouts and cash flow!

Commercial property opportunities continue to expand in these sectors: multifamily, “big box” distribution center space, high-end office space, medical office buildings, creative retail space, and virtually any property type that is newly built or newly renovated. What strategy should you use to talk to these Seller and/or Developer?

Learn the Secrets to Flip Commercial Real Estate in Your Market
and Become a CAP RATE Master

Great Cashflow and Depreciation on New Construction Fourplexes in Landlord Friendly Markets!

Fourplex Investment Group (FIG) specializes in developing, building, and managing new fourplex communities in Utah, Idaho, Texas, and soon, Arizona! We'll cover FIG's current projects, show you how investors profit through upfront equity, solid cashflow, and excellent depreciation! Investors who claim real estate professional status can also get major benefits through year one bonus depreciation that comes from new construction! Steve will share how new construction cash flow opportunities can work for many investors.

When and Where

October 15: 730 Commercial Street, San Francisco 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (10 minute walk from Montgomery BART station).

October 16: Bank of America: 560 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (Dinner provided)

Important Announcements:

+ My good friend Beau Eckstein is hosting his annual REI Barcamp, you an use a special code “bobby” to get a $52 discount.

++ Also: Our friends at Mynd are hosting a great Meetup event focused on Property Management, I encourage you to join if you can.

+++ We are looking for private money lenders for a couple of projects, low LTV, First position. If you are interested then please reach out to me at [email protected] or text me at 650.200.8594.

I hope to see you at the next event. As always we will have great networking.

Happy Investing!

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