KC Tenant Bill of Rights Council Meeting Part 2

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  • 11/13/19 04:00PM - 07:00PM America/Chicago
  • 414 E 12th St. 26th Floor Kansas City, Missouri 64106
  • Free

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This is the second hearing on the Kansas City Tenant Bill of Rights. The first draft prohibited screening for felonies/evictions "unless the landlord can demonstrate the rental decision was based on all information available including consideration of the frequency, recentness, and severity of a criminal record." Talk about vague!

It's important we are there to make our concerns heard. There are bad landlords and tenants need some protection. But property owners also need reasonable laws that allow us to protect ourselves, our businesses, our employees, our contractors and our other residents. Not being able to screen for felonies (or being severely hampered in doing so) would, among other things, put other residents at serious risk in certain situations.

Here's the Facebook Event Page. Please be there to make sure your voice is heard! 

You can also send emails to the committee members (found here). Please be respectful and pithy in your messages.

OFFICIAL: Wednesday Meeting at City Hall postponed until December 2nd.

What an awesome and productive day! We met with Mayor Lucas Counsel as well as several city council members! During that time we were notified that our council meeting event for tomorrow has been postponed! The new date and time is 5 pm Monday Dec 2, 2019. We will get info out as soon as we know more. Keep the positive messaging and solution providing coming! The job is far from done. The great thing is that KC is onto something big...our collaboration will be a great role model for other cities!

Your efforts had success. The committee heard your message. But they have only postponed, so we still need you to do the three things we have been asking and stay professional!



Here’s the latest from their FB page

"I do believe the Tenants Bill of Rights is legally ironclad," said Mayor Quinton Lucas at a press conference with KC Tenants on Wednesday.

The second Housing Committee meeting to deliberate the proposal has been rescheduled to December 2. During the time the meeting would have taken place, the Mayor and KC Tenants held a joint press conference to present next steps and respond to misinformation about the proposal.

Over 100 KC Tenants leaders joined the Mayor, as did Ryana Parks-Shaw, Councilwoman 5th District and Councilman Brandon Ellington.

Today, we're on the front page of The Kansas City Star, in a well-reported piece that lays out the facts, and tells our leaders' stories with dignity.

WATCH the full presser: http://bit.ly/2pvfH9i

READ the KC Star article: http://bit.ly/2KrDj5S

JOIN US at the next Housing Committee meeting: KC Tenants Bill of Rights in Housing Committee #2

We're not asking for anything radical. We're fighting for our basic rights. And we're ready to win.

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