Write-Up - Chris has been actively investing in real estate since 2012 and owns a real estate investment portfolio of more than $1.5 million. Chris has experience as a business owner, turnkey, and multifamily investor. Chris will share his knowledge as a passive investor in single family and multifamily real estate. Not all passive investments are created equal and in this meetup Chris will highlight some very big differences that you may now be aware of.

If passive income is your goal then this is where you want to be. Our meetups focus on learning everything about the numerous benefits of apartment investing. There are no sales pitches. Our primary focus is on multifamily investing and generating long term wealth. If you are an apartment investor or thinking of becoming one then this is the group for you.

1) Room Introductions
2) Monthly Multifamily Topic Discussion
3) Need and Wants - Tell the room of anything you may be in need of
4) Post meeting networking at Mod Pizza

Here are some of the topics that We'll discuss
Why Multifamily
How to Analyze a Multifamily Deal
Case Studies
Where to Find Apartment Deals
Making Offers
Qualifying for a Multifamily Loan
Financial - Due Diligence
Physical - Due Diligence
Raising Private Money
Passively Investing