Come join us on Thursday, November 21st for our next meeting at Beach Haus Brewery in Belmar. All investors from the Jersey Shore, including Monmouth and Ocean County - will be able to greatly benefit from our guest speaker, who will share his story of how he has helped shape communities all across New Jersey.

This Month's Speaker:

Patrick Fasano

Patrick Fasano has over 40 years of real estate development experience starting with acquiring board up houses in 1974 New Brunswick. The first 10 years of his career he gut rehabbed over 50 buildings and started his first development company HUB Development. From there he moved on to do larger projects in Newark, Jersey City and Elizabeth that included several large apartment houses. In the early 1990's a ski trip to Salt Lake City lead to the acquisition of a mixed use downtown commercial building. He relocated there for 6 months to gut rehab the 34 unit building. It was sold in 2000 prior to the 2002 Winter Olympics and proceeds invested in Asbury Park. From 1995 to 1999 he purchased board up hotels in Ocean Grove converting three to condominium and restoring Two as Hotels earning him 3 preservation awards. In New York State he tackled the Ulster Academy Lofts in Kingston, a school the he converted to 18 condo units. Working with local architect, Scott Dutton, he once again packed up the crew and completed the redevelopment within a year. The project received high praise from the Community Preservation Corporation who financed the project and touted the project on the front page of their yearly publication. Over the past 15 years he focused on developments in Asbury Park. In the past decade alone Mr. Fasano has renovated over 200 condominium units for sale in Asbury Park with a market value over 50 million. Additionally he built a number of commercial spaces and restaurants such as Brando's, Bond Street Bar and The Complex. Currently working on a project in Atlantic City known as the Orange Loop where 25 contiguous properties were assembled and approvals granted for a Shipping Container Hotel, parking lot and 3 Mixed Use Buildings.

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