Brian (+ maybe James) Solve All Your Real Estate Challenges

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  • 02/26/20 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/Denver
  • Education Room at the Fort Collins Board of Realtors, 826 W Drake Rd #4 Fort Collins, Colorado 80526
  • Free

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For one crazy night only, Brian does the near impossible. With maybe a little bit of James helping from the wings.

Bring us your most difficult, challenging, can't-sleep-at-night type of real estate problem you're facing and live... without a net... Brain will solve your real estate problem from the front of the room (ideally without breaking a sweat).

In this rarely seen Q&A format, Brian (and a little bit of James) will take your most pressing questions and provide you amazing, applause-worthy answers worth millions of dollars (because we set the value).

Start brainstorming your list of questions now, write them down and bring them to class.

We will go for 2 hours. 2 hours and 1-minute into the class will be TOO LATE and your opportunity to get your most critical real estate problems solved will have passed away like a whiff of flatulence from bar-b-que beans on a gentle Memorial Day cookout evening breeze. Gone forever.

Please RSVP using the link below and arrive early to get your seat. Class starts promptly at 6 PM and will usually go through about 8 PM. Networking with other local real estate investors starts after the class (after 8 PM).

RSVP using this link:


Fort Collins traffic on Wednesday evenings sucks... leave early to get to class on-time. First-time attendees get a free real estate investing book.

About Our FREE Investor Classes

James Orr and the Northern Colorado Real Estate Investor Group (NCREIG and pronounced "En Craig") have been teaching free real estate investor classes continuously in Northern Colorado since 2003. Come find out why over 1,400 real estate investors in the Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor area have joined our free real estate investor club... the oldest and largest in Northern Colorado... and still attend new weekly classes and/or listen to them on our podcast.

Looking forward to seeing at a free class soon.

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@Li Quach ... this week is "How to Manage Your Property Manager". I think we had to move the classes around so the dates got changed and we did not loop back to BP to update it. The class being described I think got pushed back to April:

The audio of the classes *usually* gets posted to the podcast here:

Or as video to the REFP website.