Who needs to know rehabbing? You do! Because virtually everyone in the real estate business needs to understand the fundamentals of fixing up a property.

Check out this video with contractor Rhyan Gamet and rehabber David Page at a current project

View part 2: bath and basement

Local rehabber David Page will share his expertise with you — knowledge earned at a huge expense in time and money — so you can get up to speed fast for a modest amount of money.

David has been rehabbing exclusively in the Baltimore area for several years. With more than 40 rehabs under his belt — from row houses to detached houses, in the city and county — David has been there, done that, and bought the sump pump.

Special guest Rhyan Gamet is a general contractor who has done everything from cosmetic to full-gut rehabs. She’ll show you how to do a quick ballpark estimate so you can come up with an offer — before someone else gets the deal!

Members pay $297 with early-bird discount, non-members $397. Regular price is $100 more for each.

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