Coronavirus and Airbnb in Colorado

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  • 03/30/20 06:00PM - 07:00PM America/Denver
  • An online presentation and discussion, Online Denver, Colorado 80218
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The Airbnb market in Denver and Colorado Springs has been decimated with coronavirus lockdowns.

There's a lot of fear out there, and we don't have a lot of answers, but let's get together and talk about what we do know.

This online talk and discussion will address:

-- Congressional relief for Airbnb hosts
-- What's happening in the short-term rental market
-- How medium-term rentals could be a smart transition
-- How to apply for mortgage relief
-- And more

I'll give a brief presentation and then open it up to hear your concerns and questions and see what you all know out there. The Google Hangouts link is: or join without video by phone at 724-617-2039‬ PIN: ‪271 423 059‬#

Originally posted by @James Carlson :

Also, I'll be interested to hear from anyone who is house hacking right now in Denver or Colorado Springs whether they've run into issues with traveling nurses. I just had a client text be about a rent-by-the-room issue related to coronavirus that I think we'll see more of.

We are house hacking in COS. We have not listed or marketed to nurses specifically. I dont believe we have gotten any nurses in either. mostly texans. 


A quick reminder that we'll talk about coronavirus and Airbnb tonight at 6 p.m. Just a few of the things we'll touch on:

-- Why deferring mortgage payments might be a better option than accessing small business loans offered as part of the relief package.

-- Why I like medium-term rentals better than long-term rentals as a transition from Airbnb.

-- Things to be aware of if you're currently house-hacking in Denver or Colorado Springs

-- Other ideas for cutting costs right now.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences tonight. You can join the video meeting at or by phone at 724-617-2039‬ PIN: ‪271 423 059‬#