What is the effect of the coronavirus on real estate in Denver, Colorado Springs and beyond? There's a lot of fear out there right now. Having as much information as possible can help.

This online talk and discussion will address questions you may have:

-- What's happening in the real estate market right now?
-- Are buyers still buying? Sellers still selling?
-- How tenant relief/eviction protections could affect you.
-- Will interest rates go down? (Hint: we're seeing the opposite right now.)
-- What what we're seeing in other cities that can teach us.
-- Any ways to protect yourself? (House hacking to shore up savings? Switching from Airbnb to medium-term rentals?)
-- And more...

James and Erin will lead the call. There are a lot of questions we won't know, but let's talk about what we do know and hear your concerns during this time.

Here's the Google hangouts link to join the call: meet.google.com/xev-canf-bcj