REI Meetup at DGHQ - All About ADUs

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  • 08/06/20 05:30PM - 07:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • We're inside the Samuel Fox Lofts (Corner of 6th & Broadway), 950 Sixth Ave STE 212 San Diego, California 92101
  • Free

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I'm very excited to launch an REI networking group here in downtown San Diego. We have a very special 3200 sq ft office space recently remodeled from the ground up. Hosting meets-ups and seminars has been a goal since our office's completion of September of last year.

The goal of these meetups will be to connect our investing community together and also provide some element of value. For this meetup, ADU Geeks will be going over the value ad of building and/or converting an ADU here in San Diego county.

ADU Geeks is a local homegrown company that has the ability to offer everything from Financing, Designing, Permitting, Building, Leasing, to Property Management.

To start, we'll have an open 15-20 mins to chat and network, and then ADU Geeks will go into their presentation. We'll have a Q&A, and can network some more afterwards. Should be some great information.

Full Disclosure: I'm a real estate agent focused in downtown & metro SD. I work w/ investors. With that being said, there will be no soliciting services at this event. Period. We're all here to help provide value, give out great information, and help connect our community. All are welcome!

Lastly, we'll be limiting this event to approximately 20-25 people. We have an intimate space and the goal will be to continue these meetups every month or two for right now. 

Yes it's tonight. Excited to see everyone. My hope is it's valuable for everyone. 

If you haven't done so yet please text me and I can send you the invite link. It's free


Thank you!

@David Frandsen

Great to meet you and everyone else last night. Glad it was a great turnout. There was somewhere between 20-25 people. We'll keep everyone posted on the next one. Anything we can do to provide value. Anyone is welcome to get back w/ any of us 1 on 1 if they want to dive deeper into any of the subjects we discussed last night. 

@Matthew Forrest

We meant to stream it last night via FB. Had my phone set up but literally forgot to hit "go live". We had a couple other cameras set up recording and a videographer walking around so we'll release some content shortly. We'll have to figure out how we're going to stream it next time. Our presenters like to walk around a bit :D