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Open Letter Marketing has unveiled an exciting new lead management software called OLM InvestorHub.

OLM InvestorHub expands on Open Letter Marketing's direct to seller marketing capabilities by revolutionizing the way investors are able to manage their leads. Advanced lead segmentation, marketing automation, mailing fulfillment, and robust lead maintenance are all managed directly from within the system.

Additionally, OLM InvestorHub seamlessly integrates with our user-friendly CRM system, OLM DealFlow. OLM DealFlow connects with Callrail to capture incoming call data to track deals and mailing performance. The system also offers follow-up task automation with email, voicemails, and SMS, to ensure that no deal gets left behind.

Each of these systems provides cutting edge ways of elevating your business, but when used together, they are the complete package and a total game-changer!

Justin Silverio is the owner of JS2 Homes and Open Letter Marketing. He has been investing in real estate since 2011 with extensive experience in rehabbing, new construction, wholesaling, and multi-family rental properties in and around the Boston area. Justin founded Open Letter Marketing in 2016 with a focus on providing real estate investors with a more effective direct to seller marketing approach than the outdated methods. The company works with hundreds of investors throughout the country and is recognized as one of the top real estate investor marketing companies.

If you have been considering getting into real estate now is your time!