REI Trenches- Scott Patterson- Michael Bowman - Covid Real Estate

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  • 08/04/20 06:30PM - 09:30PM America/New_York
  • Dilworth Neighborhood Grille, 911 E. Morehead St Charlotte, North Carolina 28204
  • Free

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FREE Meeting for you broke Covid patients

Dilworth Neighborhood Grille 911 E Morehead St Charlotte NC 28204

Tuesday August 4th 630- 9:30

Michael “The Evictor” Bowman- “Landlording in the Pandemic”

Scott Patterson- “The Coming Foreclosure Avalanche and Buying them Via Subject to”

Probable Bonus- Tyler “The Affable Loanshark” McCracken- Current Market Covid Update

It's going down in the pandemic, we are going to social distance the tables and encourage you to drink enough alcohol to kill any virus you may come in contact with. Strongly encouraging masks for the ugly in particular.

Life must go on and we have our businesses and legacy to build so it’s time to bring back the uncensored, unfiltered real estate investing knowledge to the unwashed, unsanitized masses hungering to leave their bunkers and get ready to make a killing in the DC (during covid) era.

@Michael Bowman

Michael "The Evictor" Bowman will be the main course who had his 15 minutes of fame by being featured as the evil property manager suggesting that tenants actually had to pay their rent. He’s a superhero defending his clients financial risks and was summarily chastised by WCNC local news and the John Oliver show. Bowman will discuss landlording in the Covid era and what you can do to navigate this time and come out on top with your rent paid.

I'll be discussing the coming foreclosure avalanche and how to capitalize on it through buying pre-foreclosures with the subject to method and will aim to offend you pathetic mask wearing noobs for 4 months worth of missed meetings.

Very Possible BONUS- Tyler “The Affable Loanshark” McCracken is a strong maybe to present on the current market conditions as they are affected by Covid.




Because of the popularity and for those that can’t attend live events, we are adding a live stream and priority seating. There will be 40 priority seats available at $5 each, this guarantees you a seat in the main room. We will have a live stream available for $10 and you can purchase in advance.

Live Stream Link

Priority seat link

99 percent it will be September 1st, just not finalized yet, should be at same location.  We generally meet the 1st Tuesday, but just getting back in stride after covid hiatus