We hear of companies moving to Austin on almost a daily basis. Two of the most prominent tech companies have big plans. Tesla is building a Gigafactory on 2,100 acres near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and Apple has broken ground on a $1 billion campus that could grow to 15,000 employees.

With companies relocating and expanding their presence in Austin, the fast-paced job growth is driving incredible demand for real estate. Our guest knows a special opportunity when he sees it. He has moved from Silicon Valley to Silicon Hills.

Rohun Jauhar is the Co-Founder of JT Capital, which has managed a Multifamily Real Estate portfolio of $500 Million. He has 10 years of
experience in investing, real estate, finance and operations. Earlier in his career he worked in strategy and finance at Facebook, GE and then as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. Rohun continues to lead Jauhar Consulting, where he advises hedge funds, investment banks, and private equity on investing in tech companies and real estate. Outside of his work life, he loves reading, writing, tennis, and spending time with his family.

Join us to learn:

*How he found his way to Silicon Valley and real estate
*Why Austin could be the next major - look out San Francisco and New York!
*Why now is a good time to invest in Austin
*Deal points of a recent 300-unit Austin apartment acquisition

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