Date: Monday, 9/28/2020 at 7PM-8:30PM EST

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What's the safest way to build real estate cash flow?
Learn more about master leasing (You lease a property from the landlord then you sublease it to another sub-tenant or occupant).
How can you achieve financial freedom without all that debt?
True or false: Most benefits of real estate ownership can be transferred through a lease.
Can I "test-drive" a property before I buy?
How can I add master leasing to my real estate investing toolbox?
Are there downsides to master leasing?
What is the key to successful master leasing and long term real estate ownership?
How can you change your mindset on management to maximize your real estate results?
True or False: Tenants want what you want with few exceptions.

Register online on Zoom

About David Tilney
I started buying houses in 1978. As I acquired properties, I hired out the management, always with dismal results. My first house had a conical fireplace and chandelier stolen, a fire started in one of the bedrooms, and the rear fence burned down. In another case my manager left town absconding with funds and was later arrested by the FBI. I quickly learned that property acquisition was the easy part of real estate investment. The key to long-term success was, and still is, good management.

I have spent more than 40+ years learning property management from the most knowledgeable managers I could find and from the ‘school of hard knocks.’ In my quest to be the best manager I could be, I have implemented, revised, tested and modified other people’s ideas, and created new material as necessary. I have changed systems and procedures as the laws and times have dictated.

My management philosophy has always been to treat our tenants the way they would like to be treated, while maintaining strong controls to assure maximum profitability with a minimum of hassles.