The recent global pandemic and subsequent economic impact has left many real estate investors wondering what the long-term effects might be to the overall market. Forbearance was a short-term solution by many lenders to try and stem the tide of foreclosures, but the economy will undoubtedly face a time of reckoning in early 2021 when homeowners must start making payments again. 

In times of uncertainty like we find ourselves today, there are typically a lot more questions than answers, and at this month’s PIG meeting we will set out to answer many of those questions for you. Based on our founder’s two decades of investing experience (through both economic expansion and contraction), we will examine such topics as:


Is there a recession coming in 2021, what will it look like, and how will it affect the real estate market?


Will the COVID-19 crisis create a wave of foreclosures, & how can investors seize the coming opportunity to create “Win/Win deals” with distressed homeowners?


How is the current situation different than the mortgage crisis of 2008/2009, and how does that change potential acquisition/disposition strategies? 

We will cover all of this and MUCH more at this month’s meeting of the Professional Investors Guild coming up in MOBILE at the Mobile Convention Center on Thursday, October 8th at 7 PM (Registration & networking begin at 6:30).

COVID-19 UPDATE: If you feel uncomfortable attending large gatherings due to concerns over COVID-19, we will also be conducting an online webinar with the same content on October 22nd at 7 PM CST. Register now at