October Workshop

 The Original Note Buyer's Stimulus Plan...Make Money from Home with Notes with Donna Bauer⁣⁠
If you’re looking for a way to literally make money from home, from anywhere in the country, without ever stepping foot in a stranger’s house, then learning to invest in and flip notes might just be the strategy you’ve been looking for.⁣⁠
Donna Bauer, the original Note Buyer, started out at her kitchen table with just a phone and a computer while being a stay at home mom to four young boys. At this half-day workshop, she'll share how she built her business from raw newbie to over 1,000 notes and bought and sold!⁣⁠


At the Saturday Workshop, she will cover:⁣⁠
-Why now is the best time in a decade to get deals on notes⁣⁠
-How to reach out to motivated note sellers who want cash more than they want payments⁣⁠
-New evaluation strategies that protect you and your investors or cash partners better⁣⁠
-How to GET the cash to buy those notes - it doesn't have to be yours!⁣⁠
-The offer structure that let's you offer more money than other note buyers⁣⁠
-How to work with other note buyers to close more deals than you can alone⁣⁠
If you're looking for double-digit returns on money you have to invest, or make $10,000 or more in cash every month flipping notes to hungry buyers. or to "partner" with your work and other people's cash to get the best of both worlds, you'll want to be at this all-new workshop!⁣⁠

Click here to register: https://bit.ly/3ixX6Ps