Airbnb laws in Colorado

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Littleton, south of Denver, is about to legalize Airbnb and short-term rental investment properties. It would join Arvada as the second city in the Denver metro this year to open up STRs to non-owner occupied homes.

What does Littleton's proposed Airbnb law allow? What does Arvada's new law allow? And what about the STR laws of other cities like Denver and Colorado Springs?

A few of the topics we'll cover:

  • Are there any limits on STR investments you can own in Littleton? (Hint: not many)
  • The details of Arvada's new Airbnb investment law
  • Case studies of successful Airbnb properties in Denver, Colorado Springs, Arvada and Littleton
  • An update on Denver's STR law and an interesting Airbnb-friendly condo development
  • Whether Colorado Springs' latest Airbnb law has killed any investment opportunities there
  • How medium-term furnished rentals might be a good alternative

Whether looking to utilize Airbnb in your house hacking model or wanting to buy a pure Airbnb investment property, we'll dive deep into what we know about the laws and then open it up for questions.

The event is FREE, but know that we are likely moving this online at:

Hope to see you there.

@James Carlson

Colorado is becoming very anti-STR and in the mountains, where demand is high, insurance for these properties is getting very difficult to find. Also, the political climate is punitive towards landlords. It really sad to see it becoming more like California.

@Larry Dowde

I think the state of Airbnb laws in Colorado can't be uniformly characterized. For instance, just two years ago, there were virtually no cities along the Front Range where you could buy a short-term rental investment property. Now there is about to be two new ones in the course of a few months -- Arvada and Littleton.

I do think the mountains are getting more restrictive as more and more of its housing stock is bought up as pure Airbnb investments. It's a mixed bag and as with any investment strategy, we've got to stay light on our feet and think about Plan B and Plan C. 

Below are some rough back-of-the-napkin numbers on a potential Airbnb investment property in Arvada, just outside of Denver. If you've had a short-term rental in Colorado Springs and want to replicate the STR model, Arvada and Littleton are interesting options as both have now legalized Airbnb investment properties.

Sales price: $450,000
Mortgage (principle, interest, taxes, insurance): $1,940
Expenses (management, utilities, supplies, etc): $1400
Revenue: $4,830/mo
Net monthly profit: $1490