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Getting started investing in self-storage doesn’t require deep pockets or a rich benefactor. In fact, 80% of self-storage complexes are owned by “mom & pop” small business owners simply looking for steady cash-flow & a low-risk business. Regardless of your income level or investing experience, there is a place for you in the highly lucrative and recession-proof world of self-storage investing.

On this month’s PIG webinar, I’ll be joined by one of our long-time PIG members who has successfully parlayed a handful of flips & single-family investments into MULTIPLE self-storage facilities throughout the southeastern United States. In this meeting, we will discuss:

☑️How to Get Started with Little to No Money

☑️Flipping Large Commercial Deals for BIG Assignment Fees

☑️How to Turn Your Extra Space into Extra Cash

☑️The “Business Playbook” (Applies to ANY Business)

☑️Partnering with & Learning from an Industry Insider & Much More! 

If you’re interested in learning how you can start making money in one of the fastest growing sectors of the real estate industry, then this is a webinar you simply can’t miss!

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