Top 10 Real Estate Questions Beginners Have But Afraid to Ask

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  • 04/12/21 07:15PM - 08:00PM America/New_York
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- The Real Estate Rocks Meetup Group invites you to a 40 minute Zoom meeting.

- We will give short but thorough answers to the most popular questions people have about real estate including mortgages & credit.

- Bring your own question(s), the only silly question is the one you are afraid to ask.

Thanks to all who attended last night

We skipped the planned presentation simply because the material would have been too basic for the particular experience level of the attendees.  

Special thanks to Sandra Glaser of Highlite Homes Realty for the great specific, actionable information she gave us about prospecting for deals

Thanks also to Dan Hertler for sharing his knowledge & insight into the Jacksonville, Raleigh, Austin, & other markets around the country

We welcome new members to The Real Estate Rocks Meetup Group, regardless of experience.  Feel free to message me any time for questions or suggestions on future topics, or just to connect on Bigger Pockets.