Connections Webinar:

“Hard Money vs. Private Money: What’s Best for You?”

How should you fund your deals? The answer impacts your bottom line in a big way. Explore your options before you need funding:

Hard money, private money, other ways of funding deals — how do you determine your best option?

Your method for funding a deal is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. On our next “Connections” webinar, local expert Gary Kenner will:

Explain which comes first, finding the deal itself or finding the funding for the deal

Address several ways to fund a deal, including banks, owner financing, and equity partners

Focus on two popular methods: hard money and private money — how they’re alike and how they differ — typical terms — and pros and cons

Gary will answer your questions, too, so bring ’em on!

About your presenter. Gary Kenner has spent his entire career in real estate and has completed over 1,500 deals. His diversified portfolio spans four states. Gary is a hard money lender, commercial loan broker, and licensed realtor. He also moderates our Strategies Harford Meeting.

Get even more of Gary’s wisdom with our new, live, online “Fund Your Deals Now” class on Saturday, April 10. Gary dives deeper into your funding options and gives you a FREE BONUS: an outline for an Application Package to prepare you to speak to any potential lender — hard money, private, bank, your grandmother — with confidence.