Buying Midsize Multifamilies with the JV Strategy

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  • 05/04/21 08:00PM - 09:30PM America/New_York
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This month we’re talking about the Joint Venture structure and how you can use it to partner with others and buy multifamily or commercial properties! Our speaker is Ari Sznajder from Kapel Real Estate.


- Intro

- Why Mid Size Multifamily?

- Why JV vs Syndication?

- Questions

You’ll learn:

  • Different ways Multifamily JVs can work
  • How each piece/role of the partnership is valued
  • How ownership is allocated between the deal finder, asset manager, taxes, financing, etc.
  • How you can take it to the next level with JVs!

About our speaker: Ari Sznajder is a multifamily real estate investor based in Central Pennsylvania. Ari left his W2 and now is a full time real estate investor, buying multifamily and commercial real estate using Joint Ventures (JVs).