Is the bubble about to burst? The Pros & Cons of Jumping in Now

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  • 05/17/21 07:15PM - 08:00PM America/New_York
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The real estate market is booming in many parts of the country, along with the stock market.  But how long can these trends continue?

Not all markets follow the same boom & bust cycle.  Let's talk about the economy and how some real estate markets around the country are doing.  Covid has been a factor in how the markets have behaved, and it will not be the only factor.  There are always bargains to be had.

@Suzanne Player I am in western wa 3 hrs sw of Seattle; our area is on fire............anything that hits the market is gone in no time. If it is a hopeless dump it might be available for a week.

Lots of people cried wolf; 10 year cycle (3 yrs ago) never happened. The economy is strengthening and housing shortage continues. Downtown high rises and condos may be doing less well. Many strip malls and storefronts are suffering and downtown office space may be risky too. No idea how long this lasts or what happens next. Who could have predicted 2020?

@Bjorn Ahlblad

I wasn't familiar with where Shelton is & looked it up.  I can see why it would be attracting people - it must be beautiful with the proximity to Oakland Bay & the connecting waterways.  If more people work at least part of the time remotely, it gives them time to spend outdoors instead of commuting, & areas just outside of major metropolitan centers should continue to do well.

Thanks to all who attended last night's event

Special thanks to our guest speakers for their terrific presentations on the Kansas City, Florida, & Texas markets respectively:

John Wiley of Remax Elite Realtors, Kansas City, Missouri

Memorable Point: Kansas City is has the 2nd biggest shrinkage of available housing in the nation, which should lead to fantastic investing opportunities

Kim Meredith Hampton of Hampton & Hampton Real Estate Advisers
Memorable Point: Florida has taken an influx of 350,000 new residents in the past 12 months alone, & in the current market most rental units are leased in 15 – 20 days

Danny Webber of Home Simple of Texas
Memorable Point: Austin’s appreciation rate last month was 28%, with many properties going above asking price

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