The Rehabbers Discussion Group returns to MAREIA. Meet online with your fellow investors and talk about the ups and downs of the rehabbing business. If you're new to rehabbing or just thinking about this type of investing, you're sure to learn a great deal about the many ways to make (and lose) money.

This group is moderated by Matthew Guy.

Matthew Guy is a full-time real estate investor focusing on flips and rentals in Baltimore City. He began his real estate career in 2016 at the age of 33 doing flips on the west side of Baltimore. He now does about ten flips a years as well as fixing up a couple rentals each year to hold onto for the long-term. Most of his day-to-day consists of finding deals and managing contractors. People will be able to learn from his mistakes in the business as well as his successes. Visit his website at to see examples of his work and houses currently on the market.

Before real estate investing, Matt studied electrical engineering at the University of Maryland and worked at Northrop Grumman before going into full-time Christian ministry for about 10 years. He is married to an incredible wife and is the proud father of a baby girl.

Don't miss the exciting return of the Rehabbers Discussion Group with Matthew Guy. He'll bring a fresh new perspective on this lucrative side of real estate investing.

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