Speaker: Time Mockler

Topic: Protecting Your Hard Earned Assets

As an investor in large assets and a holder of significant equities, one should always be fearful that a large settlement resulting from a law suit (whether justified or not) could empty your coffers requiring you to start all over again. Mr. Mockler experienced such a law suit in 2005, where everything he owned was at risk. Even though he won in court, the experience left him with a new respect for the necessity of effective asset protection.

Reviewing the hodge-podge of asset protection, he had previously used, he quickly determined that he might have lost everything, because nothing he owned was really protected.

This realization led to a thorough review of all available scenarios to determine an effective method to protect one’s assets and preserve one’s net worth no matter what legal disaster may occur.

What you can expect from his presentation:

1. A review of different methods of ownership and their effectiveness as asset protection.

2. The structure Mr. Mockler has adapted to provide him with what he feels is the best approach to asset protection.

3. The advantages and disadvantages of using his approach.

Mr. Mockler has invested in real estate in one form or another since his honorable discharge from the Air Force in 1969. While in college he invested in tax certificates to get the best return available. As a senior at the University of Florida, he purchased lots and installed modular homes for resale.

After graduating from UF in 1973 with both a bachelor’s and master’s in civil engineering, Mr. Mockler began a career in heavy construction building tunnels and underground structures for the Washington, D.C. subway system. After 10 years of managing many large projects in Washington, D.C. and Chicago, he decided to pursue the somewhat less hectic life of an investor-landlord!

Since that time, he has been involved in residential and commercial properties, mobile home parks and land in both Illinois and in the Tampa Bay area. He currently receives the benefits and headaches from properties located in three counties in the Tampa Bay area.



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