How reliable is Airdna for STR

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Good data point to have. Not 100% accurate, but nothing really is. Combination of Airdna, Rabbu, looking at other properties similar to yours, etc. will get you comfortable numbers

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In my area, AirDNA had my home at 3x what I am currently charging. It really depends on the area and the number of data points. 

My 2 favorite ways are:

1. Just ask. Message 2-3 owners close to your property. One of them will probably respond with some good info.

2. Interview a local property management company. Most will be willing to answer your questions in hopes you’ll use them for management. And even if you are self managing you never know when you may want to switch.

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The best way is to manually check some of your competition on Vrbo and Airbnb as @Joshua Strickland mentioned.

Is there a way to gauge occupancy levels of the potential competition? 

 See how full their calendars are at different times of the year.