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Am I doing my analysis wrong?

Posted Jan 19 2022, 14:15

When doing calculations on a STR airbnb in Kissimmee, on a 4/3 townhome with nice amenities and a pool the property produces negative cashflow. On airdna the property makes 40k in NOI bc they inflate the daily rent. I am wondering how are investors in Kissimmee making money?

I even ran numbers on a 300k house which has less amenities and no pool but still does not cashflow. Even on the properties that cashflow the spread is so small it would be better to take my capital and invest it elsewhere. How are you making deals work in Kissimmee?

If anyone is able to run numbers on this property, and show me what I am doing wrong I would appreciate very much.

On AirDNA the numbers are NOI: 34,814 Cap:9.46 65% occupancy and it is 18 minutes away from Disney

My own numbers showed negative cashflow and basically show that any property off the MLS in Kissimmee will not produce income. This is the property address.

4449 Le Reve Ct, Kissimmee, FL 34746

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