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Hi. My name is Stephanie. I'm new to BP. My family recently inherited a home and we now have an opportunity to get into the vacation rental business. I have 30 years experience in the finance industry as well as experience with traditional property rentals. I'm interested in learning more about how other locals are experiencing success with their Las Vegas vacation rentals.

@Stephanie Graham  welcome to BP. I am not much help when it comes to vacation rentals but I have heard is a popular site for advertising vacation rentals. I have used them for beach houses on vacation both on the east and the west coast. 

Also on vacation rentals be careful with the HOA's a lot of the HOA's have restriction on vacation rentals.

Wish I could be more helpful on this topic but it is not my niche. Please feel free to reach out if I can ever be of any assistance. 

Take care.

You can use a company called Evolve vacation rentals and they list you on all the major travel sites and handle everything for you.  I use my own software and it links you to airbnb, flipkey, someway and 50 other sites and it is only $100 per month they have the credit card processing and everything you need.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

We have rented houses during stays in Las Vegas, and use the site   We have use that site when visiting other cities as well. 

 I don't have experience with the vacation rentals, as I am involved in other areas of real estate, but at one point this was something that I was thinking about. For research, I simply called up owners of properties in the market that I was interested in and asked them about their experiences. Most of them were very generous with their time and gave many details about the ins and outs of the rental business in their market. Good luck with your venture. 

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My wife and I rent out our casita on AirBnB and have been having great success. Only one bad guest in close to three years. AirBnB is very easy to use and their fees are much lower than HomeAway/VRBO. 

Be aware, short term rentals in some areas of the Las Vegas valley are technically illegal. There was an article in the local paper yesterday that discussed the issue. 

County mulls another bid to legalize short-term home rentals

Home away has a lot of good resources for first timers (we are first timers as well). They have a free ebook that is good. I found an awesome book by Christine Hrib Karpinski titled "How to Rent Vacation Properties By Owner". It is very detailed and covers the entire process extensively. 

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