California Bounces Back - Now 7th largest Economy in the World

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California just took over Brazil for the world's 7th largest economy and just behind the UK. 2.2 trillion GDP is not too shabby. It took awhile to come back as the GFC knocked Cali down to 9th overall. There are still issues of course but as far as REI things are looking for positive for the near and mid term...let's say til 2019ish.

Some stats for the LA area. 

18 million residents

42 million annual visitors

Spending 18 billion dollars annually. 

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@Andy Robison

The short answer is is IDK or zero. Cali has a multi billion dollar budget surplus currently.

Updated over 6 years ago

My bad I think Cali is 19% now.

Updated over 6 years ago

The Cali ratio debt to gdp is 30% Brazil 60% UK 80%