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I've finally picked out our 1st VR property (about to make an offer) and need some advice to target market guests.  It is a property in central Wisconsin, on a river with the 'up north' feel.  It is perfect for skiers @ Granite Peak, snowmobilers (can hop on trail from property), fisherman, Musky hunters, & kayakers/canoers.  Anybody have experience with these markets and how best to serve them?  There is lots of room for parking & trailers, a dock will be put in for toe dipping/fishing/boats, info of the area and maps for paddling and snowmobiling will be provided.

Hey @Kelly B. !

I think your best bet is to list it with a popular vacation rental site. Central WI isn't a vacation destination but you should still do well with rentals if you price it right.

Go to the vacation rental sites and check out your competition. See what they are charging, and run your numbers to make sure your rental is viable at that rate. Be super honest with yourself about how it compares to the competition. 

You could also create a web site specifically for the rental, and put all these keywords into it. Perhaps write up a review of the area, and include all these things to do in the area.

Thanks @Mindy Jensen,

I do plan to list with VRBO since it has the most listings in our area and have studied the competition and have done my homework.  Also, I plan to have a website that uses SEO and probably blog on it about all the activities available because we draw from a large area for vacationers.  I already reached out on a kayaking website with a response already to let them know when I am up and running!  Anybody have specific advice for snowmobilers, skiers, kayakers/canoers, Musky hunters/fisherman?

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