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Has anyone had experience with vacation rentals in the Panama City Beach area? Seems to never be a low season as the "snow birds" come there during the winter. Huge area for spring break and summer vacations. Any advice?


My partner previously worked in PCB, but they were in the luxury rental market and it was very seasonal. Most of their homes were in Rosemary Beach with some stragglers as far as Seaside and beyond.  It was about 12 weeks of peak season with April to August being the busy times of year. Spring break really only affected traffic because spring breakers were not allowed in the rental homes. Snow birds weren't exactly flocking to PCB in masses to get warm (Compared to other areas of FL) because it is well above the frost line and its common to be in the 40's and 50's during the winter.

hello @Kensley Minor I would like to say, u are the only person I have ever seen besides me . That has mentioned PCB my family and I have vacationed in PCB every year for years and years . We love it I have about 12 post on bigger pockets and every single investor have negative thoughts about PCB . I can't stand it , I am about one year out from starting a investment group . We plan to invest in the low cost 1b1b 800sf condos and we will be a success  . That average $1,100 a week rental rates would love to answer any questions I could help u with . My plan is to start a 7 person investment group invest our own money until the group becomes healthy with a portfolio of units and become a llc of investments in Panama City beach and grow our business and wealth go to VRBO and look up PCB 1b1b look at at least 20 units calendar  and the are all booked year around . I have talk to 5 owners via email and all 5 have told me with a good management weather it be your self or a company and a good system1 unit at a low generates $32,000 a year passive income thank you for your post and would like to talk more thanks Derrick O

@Derrick O. it is interesting that you are from Tennessee also! While vacationing in PCB this summer I visited a few town homes and talked to a lady who, when she was my age, went in with another couple and bought a town home. Her and her husband currently own 20 rentals in PCB and she has moved there as a real estate agent. She was from Kentucky and gave me a lot of really good information. She mentioned the majority of their snow birds are from Canada. She allowed spring breakers, with a larger cleaning deposit, and doubled her money within that week. My father in law has just bought a house in PCB, so I plan to stay in touch with him to see what the flow is throughout the year. While there this summer, I also spoke to some store owners to see if they had business year round, and all were very positive about the flow of people year round. 


give me a ring if possible.   I am in real estate and vacation rental property management in PCB, 30a (rosemary beach) and Destin area.  Only certain properties will be rented by snowbirds on the winter.  One or two bedroom condos with a master on the gulf is what rents easiest that time of year.   But even if it doesn't rent in the winter,  you should make enough from March to Labor Day to cover your expenses,  mortgage and all.   I can help explain more when you reach me.   Thanks 

Just found this site, and I'm so glad I did. My husband and I are also looking in the PCB area. We are interested in a 1bd/2ba beach front condo with great rental history. We are just starting out, so we are learning as much as we can! Thanks for all the good info:-)

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@Derrick O. Curious on your investment update in PCB? I am considering same and would be interested in how that's going for you? I've read some of your other posts. You really did the due diligence. 

What is the general consensus on vacation rental in Rosemary Beach/PCB area?  It appears to have mixed reviews.

I'm selling one of my Panama City Beach condos. It's done very well! Sad to part with it but need the capital for a self storage venture.

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