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Hi all! Here's the dream: buy 10 - 30 acres near / around Chattanooga with the intention of placing tiny houses or small cabins to rent out to adrenaline junkies. Chattanooga has been rated number one city for adrenaline junkies by Outside magazine two years in a row! I would like to have a place for my partner and I to live visit until I give up my 9-5 . Looking for a realtor or investor familiar with the area who could help us find a piece of land that would allow less restrictions. Thoughts? Ideas?tips? Thank you all for your suggestions!
I have three rentals now in Indianapolis, all producing positive cash flow.


I live 1.5 hours NW of Chattanooga but all of my real estate contacts are in the Nashville area. That being said Chattanooga is in the Ridge & Valley geographic area of Tennessee so large tracts of flat land is hard to come by and thus expensive. If you are willing to put cabins on steep land with minimal level areas then the land cost will be reduced. 

You also need to determine which activities you want to be closest to. The whitewater rivers (Ocoee and Hiwassee Rivers) are east of Chattanooga. The Elk river (flat water) is northwest of Chattanooga. The Tennessee River and Nickajack Lake is located in downtown with the lake NW of town. Hiking areas such as the South Cumberland Recreational Area (now a state park) is located north of Chattanooga and Cherokee National Forest (hiking, hunting, fishing, etc) is located east of Chattanooga. 

Really cool idea. I've kayaked the TN river and we paddled through Chattanooga. At the time there wasn't anywhere for junkies like us to stay, but I believe there is a hostel downtown now? We loved Chattanooga and visit there often for camping and hiking. Good luck!

please get in touch with me in a pm. I might be able to direct you to the right place. 

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