Daytona Bech Networking Opportunites

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We are interested in finding properties for the vacation rental market in the Daytona Beach area. Anyone  invested in a property that could be rented for vacation rental, bike weeks, race weekends.... If so let's connect. 

Hi Mike, 

Have you considered vacation rentals in the Orlando area? They're a bit more lucrative and easy to rent. If you'd like me to send you some spreadsheets showing the ROI's and expenses I'd be happy to do so. Just shoot me an email on here and we'll connect.

Sure - in fact I am looking to buy a portfolio of properties in Orlando as we speak. 

@Mike Mclean I would definitely advise you to look at properties that are 6 bedrooms/ bathrooms and larger. When you start getting into those sized, you start tapping into larger markets that just that vacationing crowd 90-120 days a year. You start tapping into event crowds, reunions, business travel, weddings, birthdays, holidays, etc. 

Food for thought.

@Mike Mclean  I would be interested to learn more about where in Orlando you are looking and how you are thinking about renting the place out (whether it is yourself or through a local rental management company).

I might have some locals there that I can connect you with that can help (either identifying the right vacation properties to invest in our finding local help to rent the place out while you are in Daytona Beach).  Feel free to direct message me or give me a ring.

I agree. The problem is that most of the properties, beachside, are typically smaller. Much more opportunities in Orlando.

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