Previous owners still have my house listed on airbnb.

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So the previous owners had my place listed on airbnb during escrow and now nearly a month after closing still have it listed. They haven't responded to any of my emails requesting for it to be taken down.  Airbnb has responded to my request that they cannot intervene as this is an "offline arrangement" and they are an online company. I'm guessing I'm locked out of listing it on airbnb so long as this listing exists.  How could I go about getting it taken down? 

Does it show in a search or just visible through the url that you have? Maybe it's not active.

I would ask to talk to a supervisor. Their response is unacceptable and illegal, IMO.

One other workaround would be to create a listing: hopefully since it's the same address it should trigger an "online" intervention from them to turn over that address to you and hopefully close the other listing. Once you have your listing of YOUR address, then you can deactivate it.

You can list multiple properties on Airbnb with the same address. No problem here. Just list your place. You don't even have to contact the previous owners unless they start having guests show up to your place and even if this does happen the hosts of the old listings will find themselves with a suspended listing for false advertisement.

@Lee Davis I'd reach out to Airbnb again as well as the previous owners (and their agent). You can add your listing but when guests search in your area they will see two and not know if one is a scam since they have different owners and pricing. This happened to us when our old property management company that we had fired kept our listing live on Airbnb. We had to write them a non-official "cease and desist" email basically to get them to take it down. We were getting guest messages asking us if we were legit because of it so it was really hurting our bookings.