Advanced books for building STR business

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I've been hosting for a while now and want to expand my business.

What are some books that go beyond the basics and actually teach you how to scale a STR business.

Are there an good blogs?

Are you asking fundamentals of business or more how to actually run the STR side (e.g. What lock should I buy, is Airbnb better than VRBO, etc)

The former is probably the realm of good startup basics and financial discipline. The latter, well, everyone has opinions because it's highly variable on personal preferences and dependent on location and type of STR.

What do you want to know?  We could probably crowdsource some opinions for you. :D

The link to the blog seems to have good posts that go beyond the basics of hosting. i'll research on that.

I don't have any questions about the airbnb side, like what linens to buy or accepting guests since i've had plenty of experience managing that side.

My main areas are: 

traditional and non traditional financing

methods of acquisition (master leasing vs owning)

scaling management systems (hiring people to answer questions, clean)

managing a remote property in a different city (hiring local as needed property manager)

and problems that come up from managing multi properties that don't occur with a single property

Here are my 3 criteria for buying a STR:

1. Will 6 months of rent pay for the house?

2. Would my wife and I live in the house and be comfortable?

3. Would my wife and I live in the neighborhood and like it?

The 3 answers must be "Yes".