Can you recommend a CPA who invests in real estate in Bluffton/SC

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I have done my own taxes for years and am now ready to hire a tax strategist/CPA to help me with my taxes now that I own 2 rental properties.  I would love to find someone local who is a seasoned investor that knows more than I do about rental property tax strategy.  Don't want to waste my time with a CPA who doesn't know much about short term vacation rentals.  Also, do most of you use a CPA that is local or do you use someone out of state if they are highly recommended?



I'm following this discussion, because I'm also looking for a tax professional. One who can handle my primary home also being a vacation rental (househacking). I need to hire someone who knows how to legally file my personal taxes and whether/how I should also file business taxes. If it matters, I'm in Greenville, S.C.