Kansas City Airbnb (MO or KS)

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Does anyone have experience with Airbnb in Kansas City? I'm looking for advice on a couple things as I'm considering utilizing Airbnb for investment properties in the area:

1. Are there any local laws (on the Missouri OR Kansas side) that prohibit short-term rentals such as Airbnb?

2. Have you noticed any seasonal trends?


Interested what you find out.... are any of the properties regulated by an HOA?

I'm not sure about Kansas City, but there a lot of Air BnB's at the Lake of the Ozarks and in Branson.  Probably more seasonal there with the summer, but in your case the Air BnB in Kansas City would be useful for people who travel for work, which would be more steady throughout the year.  

Hey @Luke Russell , I don't know anything about rules and regulations but I have stayed in an Airbnb in KC.  I remember when I was booking there weren't many options, most the places were booked over a month out and all the available units were really small.  It didn't seem like a time that would be in demand (mid-week, not a holiday, etc.) and I was surprised there weren't more options, seems like there is a demand for more VR there.

I live in KC, MO, just over the state line. I have an airbnb in my condo basement.  Here's a link to the discussion the city is having:  http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article167378607.html

@Luke Russell - we've stayed at an Airbnb in KC for the holidays. I would say the big one here is proximity to cool things. Ours was near the plaza and we loved it...

You can call your city planner and ask them about the rules. Specifically, you want to know if they have laws on the books about short-term rentals (say Airbnb/VRBO so they get triggered.) If they do, great. If they don't, ask if they have any rules about rentals that are 30 days or less. Also, you can ask if its part of the use code (they'll know what that is) and if it's not if that's a problem. (Sometimes cities count something as illegal if it's not in the use code, but others don't.) Good luck!

Thank you, everyone!! @Marsha Hill , that's an interesting article about the current conversation the city is having around Airbnb. It doesn't look like there are any major laws in place against Airbnb (to an extent) in Kansas City, but they are continuing to evolve legislation around short-term rentals since it's somewhat unprecedented. Though there aren't currently any laws on the books that would deter Airnbn, it makes me a little nervous that they could pass legislation at any time that changes everything. It's a volatile situation, for sure.

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