Co-host feature possible on VRBO?

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I have an apartment listed on VRBO and want to have a property manager answer/communicate with the guests. However, except if I provide my email/password to the property manager, I don't see any co-hosting features on VRBO, for them to access my account. Airbnb has such feature though. Any advice on how to outsource my VRBO account to a property manager? Thank you!

That's a really good question! I think this is a feature that VRBO needs to add in the future. My advice would be to find a VR management company that you trust in your area.

I would not expect that feature any time soon. It takes them years to copy airbnb. Lol. They just implemented the simultaneous review release feature which is on airbnb since inception. And it usually comes with a bunch of bugs. Yes Vrbo brings good guests but tech wise they suck.

@John Martin I manage properties here in Denver and struggle with the same issue.  I list my properties on VRBO/Homeaway,, and Tripadvisor/Flipkey.  Airbnb is the only platform that offers the co-hosting feature.  A property manager will have to add your apartment to their account, or you can give them your username and password so they can monitor the bookings and bill you for their PM fee.  I personally list all of my properties on my VRBO account and pay my clients at the end of every month.  This shouldn't be a big deal since most decent property managers will be using a "channel manager" that allows them to set pricing and communicate across multiple platforms via cloud based software.  

If you're local to your property and want to save some money, Evolve Vacation Rental management offers an online-only management plan for 10% of gross revenue, and there are many other PMs, myself included, that offer a communication-only plan for around 5%.  This can be a good option for owners willing to deal with minor repairs and the occasional guest issue that requires an in-person visit.  Hope this helps!



Hi John,

I have several clients for whom I manage inquiries, bookings and listings on VRBO/Homeaway, Airbnb & TripAdvisor. All of them have their own individual accounts and give me access to them and that is how I am able to manage them.

In CO you have to have a brokerage license to have payments from travelers run through your account and then out to the owners, so that is why each of my clients have their own accounts and the payments from the travelers go directly to the owner's account.

I know that there are larger companies that are similar to mine who pay for & create the listings for their clients' properties in their own company account, and it IS possible for different listings to be linked to different bank accounts. So even though the owners' listings are in the company's accounts the payments from travelers still go directly to the owner.

These companies are doing this because if the listings are in their account they are able to use integration software that makes it MUCH easier and efficient to manage a property's listing on multiple sites like VRBO, Homeaway, Airbnb, Flipkey or TripAdvisor. However, in a situation like this the company owns the listings (and the reviews that are submitted for the listings), the owner does not. This means that if the owner ever decides to leave that company's service they do not get to keep their listing. They have to start over from scratch. That is a big negative in some owner's minds.

So like Myka said, you need to find a good, reputable trustworthy person or company if you are going to give access to your VRBO account to them.

I hope this helps! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how a situation like mine works.


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