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I am new to the Airdna site. I am analyzing a zip code in Jacksonville. I really don't understand what the "regulation" grade means. Why would this be so low and the other grades be so high?

I'm in Tampa and we aren't very good in that category either... As an experiment, on Jacksonville (without selecting a zip code) scroll down to the bottom of the overview tab and see what it says under "Professional Hosts". Here in Tampa, a lot of our homes are owned by investors with multiple properties and they have been traditionally renting them long term. More and more are switching to STR to increase their profits every day. We are just over half under this category. What does Jacksonville look like? Great comparison considering we have the same state laws.

Multi Listing ~ 61%

Single Listing ~39%

A little more disparity up here. 

Hmm... This looks like investors have flooded that market since the last time I looked at the numbers. What are the numbers for year over year growth in rentals?

I would reach out to Airdna to find out. I'm not familiar with Jacksonville, but are the local municipalities / State laws favorable for STR's?

The laws for STRs here in Jax are the same as in Tampa. Leases are 7 or 12 month. Airbnb is very popular and local govt has done nothing to clamp down on STRs. In fact, thanks to Hurricane Irma, the STREET market is booming as people who’s houses got flooded, have needed a place while their primary is getting fixed. I have many friends with an STR. Not for me, i’d rather have a 12 month rental.

Airdna is for Analysis Paralysis only. If you really want to buy something just go on airbnb and study that market. Find a house that is similar to what you want to buy and obsess over it. Whats price per night, how many nights are book. How far out does it book. Is Feb cheaper than August. Does it only rent 6 months per year (you should be smart enough to know that before you dig in. If you're in the rocky mountains you're probably looking at a part time gig. If you're on the ocean you're probably looking year round but cheaper prices in winter and snowbirds that will stay for a month+) 

Biggest factor.... Is it self managed? If its PM managed they're probably not much competition (in my market anyway). 

Cut and paste a message to any owner you might think is self managing and ask them if they'll talk to you. You might get 2 out of 50. Don't bother with anything managed by a company they won't write back and if they do they'll be a jerk. 

Don't waste your time on Airdna just buy something and get your hands dirty. 

@Collin S. There are not issues with STR in Jacksonville whatsoever. Keep this between us but look at the higher end hotel market and see how people are doing on Yes, you should be excited because it’s a very attractive space right now. Timing is everything!

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