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I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations on smart locks. I'm looking to change the locks, and I am interested in a keyless entry lock where the guests enters in the access code to get in the house and for me to have the capability to unlock/lock from my phone remotely if need be. Do you have any brand recommendations? Have you had any problems with these smart locks? Things you like or don't like about the lock you have? I know they all run on batteries so how often do you have to change the batteries? 

Thanks for your help!

I have no experience with smart locks, but you could check on Amazon for them. I've seen some as cheap as around $100 and as expensive as $300. Schlage typically makes good locks.

we love the Kwikset 909 deadbolts.

we use them on every door on all 3 properties we own. they are very sturdy, batteries last forever. i don't recommend the lever handles w/ the codes, they have broken on me several times. Deadbolts are where it's at. good luck!

And to add one more, we use August smart lock ( and nest thermostat) in our out of state house and kwikset in our primary.  read reviews then maybe look in person at Costco or Lowe’s to help you decide.

We use the schlage camelot locks.  I have them on two houses.  I would recommend pairing it with a wink hub.  I have one wink and one samsung and the wink app is much more user friendly.  

Thanks for the recs everyone! I will look into them.

@Glen Whipkins For the wink hub, can you use the app to remote change the access code? And will the app notify you the batteries on the lock are low and needs changing? Also, with the app-can I set the lock to lock after a default time, say if it wasn't locked after 10-15 mins, can I set the app to just lock it? I'm a little worried in case guests forget to lock the doors.

@Helen V. yes, you can use the app to remote change the access codes.  I believe the app has a battery monitor but each lock also comes with a key so you can't get locked out.  I don't believe you can set it to lock at a certain time but you can remotely lock or unlock it anytime you want.  I also use my lock to keep track of contractors who are supposed to be working at the property when I am not there.  Give them a code unique to them and it will tell you when they lock and unlock the door.  Can also set up a one time use code for deliveries or service people to enter.  

Thanks @Glen Whipkins   I will look into the wink hub. Sounds like what I'm looking for.

The first remote lock that we used was the ResortLock RL2000. It's pretty simple. You can generate temporary codes from your computer but permanent codes must be programmed directly on the lock.

Needing a more robust housing in the salt air climate for our next rental we went with the ResortLock RL4000. Same functionality as the RL2000 just more hardy in beach climates.

By the time we bought our 2nd unit at the beach I wanted to try the wifi enabled lock so we used the RemoteLock 6i Wifi Enabled lock. You can generate permanent codes as well as temporary codes from the computer. You can also receive notifications when codes are used, so you always know when someone is entering the property. Pretty handy to keep track of when the cleaning crew arrives, as well as vendors. Guest notifications can be set to just the first time the code is used if you just want to know when they've arrived. You can also look at recorded "Events" (each time a code is attempted on the lock, either successfully or not.) This came in handy recently when a guest called to say that the code "was not working". I logged onto the lock dashboard and discovered he was entering the code incorrectly (transposing some numbers.) 

The latest lock we've used was the LockState 5i Deadbolt because the other model handles would not work on this particular property's door. It works just like the wifi enabled 6i lock. 

All of these locks are products by LockState, so I can manage them all with one website logon/dashboard.

I'm with @Valerie Rogers after being initially very skeptical of ResortLock.  I've got a dozen Schlage Sense locks that I'm slowly phasing out in favor of the ResortLock 5i and 6i.  The Schlage's are not reacting well to the salt, something with this new touchscreen design is just ... fussy.  Guests ended up trying multiple times and sometimes the pads would just not respond for a few minutes and then suddenly re-activate and let them in.  

The responsiveness of the ResortLock isn't the greatest, you have to be deliberate when pressing the buttons and don't go too fast or it won't always register the keypress on the first try.

But the setting and auto revoke of codes really is nice.  I give guests a few hour buffer on checkout day but after that the lock just won't let them back in. 

@Peter R. and @Valerie Rogers - Are there any other locks similar to ResortLock that don't require you to have a WiFi connection in order to provide a temporary access code to tenants, contractors, cleaners, etc. to access a home? This is the only lock I could find that works without an Internet connection and provides temporary access via a unique code.

Originally posted by @Reid L. :

@Peter R. and @Valerie Rogers - Are there any other locks similar to ResortLock that don't require you to have a WiFi connection in order to provide a temporary access code to tenants, contractors, cleaners, etc. to access a home? This is the only lock I could find that works without an Internet connection and provides temporary access via a unique code.

 Hi Reid,

The ResortLock RL2000 & RL4000 are not wifi enabled. Will they work for you?

Hi, we have used the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock for our home for about 3 years and find it convenient and easy to use. Not sure how long the batteries last but we usually change yearly when we change batteries in smoke detectors as habit.

Yes @Reid L. I believe the ones @Valerie Rogers mentioned do a unique time and date based code, it's long though, like 10 digits or something.  You may want to give ResortLock a call and talk through this with them, I'm not clear at all on how to set those codes without WiFi.

The Wifi enabled locks, however, don't need a constant connection.  If your connection is intermittent you can set the units to "wake up" every few hours and check for new codes and just set them far enough in advance of guest arrival that the lock has time to grab them.

Thanks for your input @Peter R. and @Valerie Rogers . I am really just looking for locks that don't need a WiFi connection to remotely set temporary pass codes for visitors. I think the ResortLock will be my best bet. 

@Ryanne Hodson Shampoo & booze??

Myself and my company are big fans of the LockState deadbolts. They are nice looking, sturdy, and easy to use. Initial setup is not super easy, but operation is effortless. 

The best part is that it connects directly to your wifi, and requires no hub, like most other brands do. I don't want to buy another $100-$150 item just to operate my already $250 lock. 

If you operate Short-Term Rentals, which I do, the lock integrates with Airbnb. It is the only one, and I can tell you the fact they issue codes/expire them without work on your part.. is priceless.

On a side note, the LockState customer service is great. I have a half-dozen properties using them, and I won't use anything else.

I use Ultraloq UL3 BT smart lock. The keyless lock has 4 means of entry: fingerprint, code, smart phone and key. You can manage users, check user log as well via an app on your smartphone.

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We are using the kwikset Kevo bluetooth locks on doors to common areas and basements. These deadbolts allow us to email keys to tenants and contractors. Tenants can also email "guest keys" to friends to allow temporary (24hr) entry to common areas. 

For all the doors in our units, when we have a move out,  we are changing all the locks to Kwikset 816 contol lock deadbolts. These are easy to rekey but they are still mechanical locks.

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