How much does your cleaning/turnover cost?

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Please share the cost of turnover for those of you who outsource it.  For example, I have a 3BR/1BA dedicated house which runs $110 including a couple of loads of laundry.   It has four beds.   Service doesn't include deep cleaning like baseboards.   2 - 3 turns per week.

I also have a 2BR/1BA, recently launched, where I'm being charged $90.  It has three queen beds.  Two loads of laundry.  1 - 3 turns power week. 

Both of these are near downtown Atlanta. 

3 Bed/2 Bath in Mountains (Lake Tahoe) costs $135 normally and $165 if they have to do it on the weekend.  I use Merry Maids.  Always on time and schedule, not always the best quality work however. 




My 2 bedroom 1 bath condos (Oahu Hawaii) cost $120 each time and my 1 bedroom and studio cost $99. I use a local person who does the laundry and cleans everything. It takes them about 3 hours.

Thank you


I found a lady on Craigslist that only charges me $60. 3 bedroom 2 bath. That includes taking all the trash (no trash pickup at the lake) doing all the laundry and  making the beds.

Been using her for about 1.5 years now.

She loves cleaning our house because it isn't cluttered like someones personal home.

We always get excellent feedback on how clean our house is.

If you go with an individual you don't have the additional markup that a company has.

Disadvantage is that we have all our eggs in one basket and that if something happened to her we would have to scramble to find someone else. In my opinion it is worth the risk given the price.

Found mine on (neighbor referrals).  $95 for 3 bed 2.5 bath, $85 for 2 bed, 2 bath.  Send laundry out, so total cost averages $100-$108 per cleaning.  I'm by far her largest client so she takes REALLY good care of me and will do special favors.   I am able to send her supplies, she'll restock owners closets, etc....  WIN - WIN!

My cleaning lady does it for free, plus I get to sleep with her.

Can anyone top that?

@Paul Sandhu I wouldn’t want to top that!

We pay $175 for a 3000 sq ft. 4 br 3 ba to our cleaner. She is like our mgr and she had proven to be reliable and dependable. She does the Laundry and removes the garbage. 

@John Underwood good find! I’m confident you have a backup plan.

@Rick Baggenstoss are you buying off market and rehabbing your STR? Win win for you.

@Nancy Bachety Yes, I usually buy houses which need renovation.  This was the case with my STRs.  

Both houses were listed.  One was listed a long time a high price and kept falling out of contract with owner occupants due to foundation/water issues.  Got a great deal on that one.  Not a big deal to fix it. 

The other was a rented duplex (two 2BR/1A) from a tired landlord. I was very quick, so I beat the others out. Tenants eventually left, so I've converted one side to STR a couple months ago. The other side is should launch late November.

These STRs are very close to one another, so I'm imagining I can work a deal on cleaning.  Just benchmarking to see what others have done.  I like @John Underwood 's approach.  I imagine you have to kiss a few frogs to get to the reliable one. 

A long-term rental tenant of ours moonlights by helping me with our short-term rental. She lives across the street and we clean the STR together. It's a 3BR 1 BA house and we rent it as an entire place. We provide the cleaning supplies. I pay my helper $15/hr and it takes about 2 - 4 hrs to get it ready between guests (one or two of us working). We charge the guest a $60 cleaning fee. In addition, I often treat my helper to lunch on turnover day or other perks such as a professional massage or a ticket to the Opera. If the guest leaves behind good food, my helper is welcome to it. If not, I'll take it back to our pantry. My husband also helps out with the yard and maintenance & repair. We pay for upkeep of the lawn = $30/month for two mows/edging to the guy who takes care of the landscaping at our multifamily LTR properties. I wash the sheets and air dry them at our own home. We have a good routine and we all enjoy working together. We don't calculate my time or my husband's. I like the hands on approach to hosting and cleaning as it keeps me in touch with with how our guests use the house and what the house needs to keep it in tip-top shape. We've been Airbnb SuperHosts for over a year.

I have used to find my cleaners. Found 2 great ones that lasted a long time, 2 not so great ones. Usually on Care it's college students and retirees, but many of them have cleaning experience. I pay $20/ hour, plus $5/ laundry load if they take it home. I am trying to keep 2-3 cleaners in "rotation" now to cover all cleans.

@Michael Greenberg How did you describe the job? Curious about whether you divulged it as a STR cleaner or just cleaner with extra duties.

@Rick Baggenstoss   I didn't divulge it when I asked my neighbors, I just asked if they had a cleaning person they loved.  Got about a dozen replies and narrowed it down from there.

I have a great husband/wife cleaning team that I got referred to me by my property manager (also a STR owner) - I pay them $20/hr. My house is s 2/2 + loft, about 1300sqft, and I rent it in 1/1 or 2/2 configurations. Usually $60 for the 1/1 and $80 for 2/2, both including laundry loads.

I have 5:

3 2-bed/2-baths. I pay between $65-$75 per turn (they all have outdoor hot tubs, the $75 property has 2 additional indoor HUGE soaker tubs, so it's extra).

2 1-bed/1-baths that run me $55 a turn (both have outdoor hot tubs)

All turn an average of 2-3 times per week give or take on the busy months

each clean includes: obviously, cleaning (as mentioned in some of the previous posts, does not include deep cleaning tasks such as baseboards), emptying, sanitizing, and refilling of the outdoor hot tub, taking away and washing the used sheets and towels and replacing them with clean ones, taking the trash to the dump, replacing trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning the grill and inside of microwave, putting away clean dishes (we ask guests to put all dishes in dishwasher and run it on the way out).

We charge the cost of the cleaning to the guests so it does not come out of our pocket (as I am sure most do)

@Julie McCoy I'll hook you up when the time comes ;)

@Paul Sandhu has the best deal going for sure!!!  But @Avery Carl  and @Luke Carl you've got a pretty good arrangement going on too... :) (don't know why it won't let me tag you, Luke!)

@Rick Baggenstoss I am also in the Atlanta area and looking to start my Air Bnb business. What is the best way to analyze a property to see if it makes sense to Air Bnb?  Also, Do you think its smart to purely purchase a property to Air Bnb?

I have a studio that I turn over roughly 3 times a week. I found an older lady on Craigslist that cleans/laundry/makes beds/etc for $30/turnover. She is a life saver.

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