Keyless Lock Recommendations

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I'd like to get a keyless lock for the front door. I'd like it to do the following:

  1. Allow me to use my phone (or computer) to program access codes.
  2. When the door is closed, it is always locked to those outside the home AND always unlocked to those inside the home. 


I responded to a similar question earlier today on this subject.

There are several electronic lock companies on the web who can do what you want. You may find something at a local hardware store, but they are basically crap.

The locks start at $300 for a basic set up. $700 will get you one like companies / banks use. They can be 4-6 digit codes or electronic cards. The software is a one time purchase and can be pricey depending on what you need it to do. 

Usually the locks need to be professionally installed (comes with the package you buy) and needs to be connected to the internet. 

If you have multiple doors, you can "lock out" 1 or multiple doors and set time codes on them.  Meaning you control when the door can be accessed. They can be set up where you need a code to enter but not exit. 

As stated, there are several good companies online so do your homework to find one that meets  your needs. Basic start up cost is around $1200 and a quality system with tampering controls will run close to $1700.  Good luck

For my short term rental I use the Wink Hub 2 with a Schlage key pad. It has worked great. I can change lock codes easily and remotely and give different codes to different people (i.e. the cleaner has her own code). The app is great as it allows me to see if the door is locked (the cleaner has actually left it unlocked a couple of times and I'm able to lock it remotely) and gives me an activity log and specifies what code was used. Great to see if someone is checking in early or late. It's been great.

Also the Hub 2 and Schlage lock were purchased at Home Depot for around $300 (I think) and my husband installed them. There is no monthly fees either and the Hub can be used with other devices.

@Kari Rau wow I like that price point a lot more along with your description!  How long have you been using it?  How is the battery life? 

I installed it end of April and still have not replaced the battery yet. The app also lets me know battery life which is nice. Hope that helps

@Kari Rau Are you relying on the tenants to pay the internet to insure the Wink hub is accessible or do you include the service as part of the lease?

I pay internet and basic cable for my STR.

You guys make me feel old fashioned.  My STRs have a typical brass key with a WalMart deadbolt and lock. 

The phone system requires someone to crank a dial to generate enough current to ring a bell at a central phone office.

There is no sewer or wastewater charge in the monthly utility bill because there is an outhouse in the back yard with its own decomposition pit underneath.  That is also the shower facility.

A guy comes by once a week on a wagon and the tenants can buy fresh milk and eggs.

Another guy comes by once a week on a bigger wagon with a black and white spotted dog pulled by these great big horses and the tenants can buy beer from them.

I use the erentallock system. They are based in Canada, and the lock will be about $350 shipped to your door. Set your master code, install the lock, and away you go. Start cranking out codes at their web site, from your computer or phone. It's a bit clunky, and there's no smartphone app (yet), but the best part is NO INTERNET required. This is great, as Internet may be spotty (outages or poor wireless), or your modem may occasionally hang, or perhaps guests disconnect it for some reason. Erentallock doesn't care. The programming is all in the guts. As long as you set the correct time when you setup your master code, you'll always be able to generate codes on the web site that match what's already 'stored' in the lock itself.

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