List of all Vacation Rental websites that can sync calendars?

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I am trying to determine every possible vacation rental website I should list my property on. They would just need to all be able to sync calendars between each other. I want the maximum amount of exposure possible.

What are all of the different vacation rental websites that you list on?

Some moderator took my original post away.  Must have hurt somebodies feewings.  

I list my properties on VRBO and AirBnB.  I get 2-4 calls per year on these from these websites, they don't pan out.

I list my properties on Craigslist and get 1-3 calls per week.  Most pan out.

@Tom Carroll Paul's situation is different from most, as his renters tend to be workers coming into town who don't mind sharing a house with other workers.

If you're looking for whole-house rentals in a vacation area, and you're just getting started, VRBO and Airbnb are the ones to have. I also have Trip Advisor but have never received even an inquiry from that.

My experience: VRBO skews older, larger groups, while Airbnb is younger crowd (mostly), singles and couples looking to get away a little cheaper. Depends on your situation.