Is there any kind of an "AIRDNA" service, but for VRBO instead?

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Hello, is there any type of an "AIRDNA.CO" service, but one which focuses on VRBO rentals instead of AIRBNB rentals?  Anything like that for VRBO?  Thank you.

@Robin Gross not that I have seen. But I don't think it should matter. Airbnb has a vastly bigger market share than VRBO. Airdna is a way to get market research. VRBO and Airbnb are just platforms for marketing your property. You get the data to use as a comparison, then to me it won't matter if market your short term rental on VRBO, Homestay or any other similar site.

Thanks, Andrew!  I appreciate the advice.

Robin, MashVisor claims to use VRBO data as well as Airbnb to estimate income. I used it for a month but found it highly inaccurate for the areas I was studying.

I've wondered that myself. In our area (Asheville, NC) AirBnb is really not as popular at HomeAway/VRBO so Airdna doesn't have enough data to be accurate. 

One thing I have done is ask local vacation rental management companies for quotes. They tend to have quite a lot of data and will tell you how much revenue you can expect to make from a given property. Then you can do your own math depending on your own expenses to calculate what your return might be. You'll also learn a lot about what your competition is doing in the process. It's a rough estimate but better than just going by nightly rates and occupancy from HomeAway listings. 

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